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Total Joint Integrity™ Software

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Reduction in joint maintenance costs


Increase in incident  response readiness



Savings in inventory carrying costs

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Flexlogics is the secure, cloud-based platform that delivers real-time control of your critical joint maintenance program

Flexlogics®: the pinnacle in secure, cloud-based bolted connection management. Empowers users for error-free outcomes, ensuring reliability across your critical systems. 


Maximize Efficiency in your maintenance processes with Flexlogics®. 

Flexlogics® is the ultimate solution for comprehensive control over your flange maintenance program. It serves as an integrated system, providing valuable qualitative data on the performance of connections and components throughout your entire operational landscape. Offering a holistic approach to joint integrity, Flexlogics® harmonizes your industrial processes with the tenets of Industry 4.0, fostering sustainability, productivity, safety, and compliance. 

One Unifying Platform
Connection Manager

Connection Manager

Integrity Management: CONNECTIONS MANAGER 

Securely Store and Manage All of Your Critical Connection Data 



Integrity Management: Workpacks

Effortlessly oversee, customize, and optimize your workflows 

Drawing Database

Drawing Database

Integrity Management: EQUIPMENT VAULT

Maintain oversight of vital equipment and its relevant documentation. 

Hydraulic bolting

Torque Calculator

Bolting Calculator

Leading industry bolt load calculator, deriving torque figures to ASME PCC-1 specifications 

Flexitallic Sheet Gaskets

Gasket Selector

Gasket Selector

Ensure suitability and effectiveness: select gasket materials tailored for optimal performance. 

Knowledge Hub

Knowledge Hub

Knowledge Hub

Flexitallic’s global proficiency within reach: access knowledge and technical support effortlessly. 

People-Focused Technology

Technology Centered on Processes.

Logic-driven software that streamlines documentation generation, ensuring precision and efficiency.  

Automating the process of generating forms minimizes errors, enhances consistency, and accelerates the overall workflow.  

This approach saves time and guarantees that documents adhere to established standards, fostering reliability and boosting productivity in the field.