Equipment Vault

Elevating Critical Equipment Management 



asset tracking, enhancing efficiency in critical equipment management. 



compliance with regulatory standards, maintaining equipment reliability and safety. 



informed decision-making by providing quick access to essential asset information. 

All Critical Equipment Information, centrally stored 

Optimise your entire plant with our state-of-the-art critical equipment management. Streamline operations, ensure regulatory compliance, and empower informed decision-making. Elevate efficiency and reliability, securing the heart of your plant’s success. 

Quick access to key information 

With Equipment Vault, effortlessly log critical equipment details, store drawings, and maintenance records. Streamline data management, enhance accessibility, and ensure comprehensive documentation for informed decision-making and efficient maintenance processes. 

360 Degree View of Equipment Connections

Equipment Vault seamlessly links with Connections Manager, ensuring complete traceability of bolted connections. Enhance precision by consolidating critical equipment data with connection details, streamlining workflows, and providing comprehensive insights for optimal management and maintenance of bolted connections within the Flexlogics® platform. 

Equipment Vault