Torque Calculator

Industry leading bolting integrity calculator 



Ensure precise torque values, minimizing errors.



Streamlined calculations save time, improving overall operational efficiency. 



Anytime, anywhere access enables quick torque assessments, enhancing convenience and workflow flexibility. 

A centralized resource for accurate torquing standards.

Flexlogics® Bolting Calculator is the ultimate tool for torque calculations, offering accuracy and efficiency. Tailored for diverse applications, it ensures precise torque values, streamlining bolting processes. Its user-friendly interface makes it the go-to solution, empowering users with reliable and accessible torque calculations within the Flexlogics® platform. 

Multiple Calculation Methodologies 

Utilize Flexlogics® Bolting Calculator to derive torques aligning with industry standards like ASME PCC-1. Input specific parameters and the calculator ensures compliance, delivering accurate torque values.  

Streamlined and user-friendly, it enables precise calculations, supporting adherence to industry benchmarks for robust and reliable bolting practices within the Flexlogics® platform. 

Holistic view of connection integrity 

Flexlogics® Bolting Calculator allows for integrity reviews of bolted connections, empowering users to analyse flange, bolting, and gasket stresses. This comprehensive assessment enables informed decision-making, ensuring the integrity of connections. Users gain valuable insights, promoting optimal bolting strategies and enhancing overall system reliability. 

Torque Calculator