Best-In-Class Flange Management 



compliance by adhering to industry standards and regulatory requirements.



system reliability, minimising downtime with efficient flange management. 



maintenance, reducing costs and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Effective workflow management is a critical function of flange management.

Flexlogics® Workpack module empowers users to streamline workflows in creating and dismantling bolted connections. With intuitive tools, it simplifies planning, execution, and tracking, ensuring precision. This module enhances efficiency, minimises errors, and facilitates seamless coordination in the dynamic process of bolted connection management. 

Ensure compliance through workflows

Flexlogics® Workpack module enables users to assign technicians, track bolted connections’ status changes, and ensure QA/QC compliance by completing online forms. This seamless integration enhances coordination, empowers technicians, and maintains rigorous quality standards throughout the bolted connection workflow, ensuring efficient and compliant operations. 

Monitor Progress & Manage Historical Data.

Flexlogics® Workpack Module facilitates progress monitoring and historical data review through intuitive dashboards. Users can effortlessly track work completion, ensuring real-time insights. This feature promotes informed decision-making, enhances workflow transparency, and enables continuous improvement based on comprehensive historical data analysis within the Flexlogics® platform.