Gasket Selector

Fit-for-purpose gasket selection at your fingertips



media compatibility



the most cost-effective gaskets for service



reliability across your asset

Minimize issues with the wrong media compatibility

The Gasket Selector module in Flexlogics® empowers users to ensure gasket compatibility with media flowing through their pipes. Providing detailed specifications and material options facilitates informed decisions, promoting the selection of suitable gaskets to enhance system reliability and safety. 

Cost-benefit decisions on gasket selection made easy 

Gasket Selector aids users in assessing cost-benefit considerations for gaskets. By offering insights into material costs, lifespan, and performance, it enables informed decisions, optimising the balance between cost-effectiveness and reliability. Users can make strategic choices, ensuring efficient and economical gasket selections are made for their projects. 

Gasket information on demand 

Gasket Selector places essential gasket information at users’ fingertips. This instant access streamlines decision-making, ensuring users can swiftly evaluate gasket suitability based on media compatibility. This user-centric approach enhances efficiency, enabling quick and informed choices for reliable and optimal system performance. 

Gasket Selector